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Special Exhibition for INTERMEASURE2018
Automatic Weighing Instruments and verification
-What you should know before it starts

In accordance with the partial revision of enforcement order for the Japanese Measurement Act, automatic weighing instruments were added to specified measuring instruments.
Automatic Catch Weighing Instruments used for transaction and certification purposes start verification in April 2019, followed by another three types, Discontinuous Totalizing Automatic Weighing Instruments; Automatic Gravimetric Filling Instruments; and Continuous Totalizing Automatic Weighing Instruments starting in April 2020.

INTEREMEASURE 2018 will illustrate the outline of automatic weighing instruments and newly-introduced verification system.

Should you have any concerns of questions about them, please visit the special exhibition corner and ask the experts.

Date 10:00-17:00, 26-28 September
Venue Special Exhibition Corner, East Hall 4 Tokyo Big Sight
Contents ・Display of 4 types of AWIs: Automatic Catch Weighing Instruments、Automatic Gravimetric Filling Instruments、Discontinuous Totalizing Automatic Weighing Instruments、Continuous Totalizing Automatic Weighing Instruments
・Demonstration of Automatic Catch Weighing Instruments verification
・Introduction of automatic weighing instruments and verification procedures (on footage and poster display)